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Marie and Danny Davis.  Thanks to Russ Brumbach--
“Here was the Danny who we knew and loved.  
The picture was taken in Palm Desert one year ago.  
Our prayers go out to Marie.”


by Rollye James
Claude Hall

Don Graham:  “We talked with Marie Davis this AM.  She tells us that Danny Davis has
passed away.  He was in “assisted-living” for approx. 3 months and died in his sleep.  Notes of
regret and support may be sent to:  Marie Davis, 76758 Minaret Way, Palm Desert, CA  92211.
Marie tells us a memorial service will be planned, with the location and date forthcoming.
God Bless Danny Davis.”

Rollye:  “Danny’s passing was shockingly quick to those of us left behind, but so fitting for a
good guy.  The expected trajectory for Danny wasn’t good on any level.  To go quickly while
asleep is the best parting gift life can offer.  Sad for us— but great for Danny who lived life to
its fullest and enriched those around him in the process.”

David S. Chackler:  “Very sad!!  Thanks for letting us know, Don. Danny was loved, this is
indeed a sad day ! RIP Danny ..”

Gary Allyn :  “Really appreciate the update, as sad as it is. I knew and respected Danny since
the '50's. One of the most "fun" guys in the business...and one of the most knowledgeable hard
working promotion people I ever met. I will truly miss this "Legend". Sincere condolences.”

Mel Phillips: “I was so sorry to get the news about Danny Davis' passing. I have so many
happy memories of Danny's visits to whatever radio station I was at at the time. My favorite
memory of Danny was a personal gift he brought to me from Phil Spector. Danny & Phil
knew that I had a pool table in my house and loved playing. The gift was a pool cue and case
with my name on it. Most of all, the greatest gift he gave me was his smile, his laughter and
the wonderful storied he shared. I loved the man to death. R.I.P. Danny Davis

Les Garland:  “RIP Mr. Danny Davis, a purely positive gentle man…”

Bob Hamilton:  “We will miss the fun years of Danny.  We is the best!!

Steve Tyrell: “Danny was big in my life. I knew him since his days with Lester Sill at Philles
Records. He and Lester were GIANTS and I loved them both. Danny  was the very best at
what he did and was loved unanimously by all that had the good fortune to work with him. He
would email me even up to last year or so and send me jokes.  RIP Danny Davis, there are no
more like you my friend and there won't be either!!!!”

Johnny Holliday: “I was out of town when I got this sad news of Danny passing. I'm so happy
I was able to speak with Danny on the phone some months ago and as always, he had me on
the floor with his usual routine of one liners that were still as hard hitting  and funny today as
they were  back in the early 60's when I first met Danny while at WHK in Cleveland. He was
without question the funniest promotion man I've ever met and it was easy to recognize why
every music director and program director loved the guy. My heart goes out to Marie and the
family on the loss of there loved one. God bless and forever watch over Danny Davis.”

Bob Paiva: “When I first met Danny Davis I was nobody from nowheresville.  It didn't matter
to Danny Davis.  He treated my station in Hartford like it was in New York City.  Promoted
me with the patented Danny Davis gusto and humor.   He was one of the few who did and I
respected him for it.  When I left radio and went into promotion...he was one of the few that
continued to know my name and treat me like one of the radio-record community.....  and
there were few who did that.  Danny was special.”

Dave Sholin:  “I think Danny had an endearing name for all of us..each unique and special. I
wasn't "Duke" I was "Doovey". He brought joy, laughter and caring to so many. Deepest
sympathy to Marie, his family and friends.”

Macey Lipman (to Don Graham): “So very sorry to hear the news .. First met Danny at Kapp
 Records in the late 50’s din’t realize I was replacing him but he got a better job I believe with
 Columbia Screen Gems Music Publishing  much later in L.A. for a brief moment Danny
 worked  out of my office awhile structuring his messenger business he had a famous line
while talking  to his clients that he repeated often “I’m penciling you in for a lavish gift” I’m
sure there will be lavish laughs  on Danny’s journey RIP”

Bob Fead:  “We should also mourn the passing of Jerry Love.  May both gentlemen fly with
the eagles…..” 

Ron Alexenburg: “Danny was very comforting to me as I began my National promotion job at
Columbia. Always kind, and most willing to share his wonderful experience.  A very difficult
time for so many friends of his and another very kind and fun loving record man Jerry Love
May the both get together and program there own playlist.  RIP. Comfort to their families and
loved ones.”

Bob Barry: “Did you know that Rob Moorhead died June 6th?  Very sudden and devastating
to his wife Terry and their family.  Rob thought the world of his father-in-law George Wilson.”

Claude Hall:  “Rob Moorhead, son of L. David Moorhead, gone.  We come, we do, we go. 
He worked at K100-FM in Los Angeles.  I first met him when he was just a lad.  He and his
sister served dinner one evening at his father’s house.  The last time I saw his sister was at
David’s funeral services just down the street here in Las Vegas at the Catholic Church. 
George Wilson later brought Rob and Terry, Rob’s wife and George’s daughter, by one day
and we had a pleasant time.  And Rob and Terry came back when they tossed a wedding
reception here for George and Jackie.  Rob worshipped his father-in-law, but so did I.  Rob
and Terry were with George in Albuquerque, NM, when he passed on and kept me informed
about everything.  I mentioned George, Terry, and Rob in a short story placed in the collection
Radio Wars’, a Kindle eBook.  And, of course, they’re all mentioned in ‘George and Me’,
which is nearing completion.   Rob Moorhead was a good guy.”

Rollye:  Speaking of Good Guys, Dandy Dan Daniel passed away at home in Larchmont on
June 21st.  At 81, he died from complications of a fall.  Though he referred to himself as,
America’s most adequate swinging disc jockey”, legions of loyal fans saw him as more. 
Standing at almost six and a half feet, his choice of theme song (Charlie Rich’s “Big Boss
Man”) was fitting.  Born Virgil Glynn Daniel in Texas, he burst onto New York radio in 1961
on WMCA, coming from Storz’ WDGY in Minneapolis, where he met his wife, Rosemary.  It
was she to whom he was referring when he’d say “I love you— and especially you, Size 9”.  
His radio career didn’t end with WMCA in 1970.  From there he went to NBC (Monitor, and
WYNY), WHN, and until he retired in 2002, WCBS-FM.

Bob Sherwood:  “Having grown-up in the Land of Rob’t. W. Morgan, Johnny Holliday (his
brilliant KYA days), Gary Owens, B. Mitchell Reed, post-Philly Tom Donahue, Sylvester
Stewart (Sly Stone), Charlie Tuna et al I heard very little of Dan Daniel when he was on
WMCA (via tapes) and only his later years on WCBS-FM in the 90s.  I missed the Magic
but….Oh ! that voice!  Rest in Peace, Good Guy.”

Claude Hall:  “Just FYI.  Dan was one of the first disc jockeys to whom I talked after joining
Billboard in1964.”

Pat Kelley (through Kevin Gershan and Don Graham):  “You got this cheerful email
because Melody and I need help-so we can help ourselves. Just copy and past the message
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Estate Companies of the World. We can help you buy or sell, a Chateau in France, Flat in
London, Villa in Spain or a cottage in Maine.   I would love to send more information so you
can help me help myself. Thank you, Pat”

Erica Farber (Broadcasters Foundation of America):  “Am reaching out to him now because
we can absolutely help him!!   So sorry to read this but do want to help and quickly!”

Rollye:  “God Bless Broadcasters’ Foundation  and Erica Farber.  I know first hand how she
silently and immeasurably changed the lives of John Rook and George Wilson, and so many
more.  Hopefully you’ll never need their help, but it’s a comfort to know it’s there if you do. 
Consider donating if you can, and a bequest in your will.”
Jerry Hartley:  “In case you didn’t hear, Uncle Ricky posted on his site [reelradio.com] that his
foot is infected yet again and was going into the hospital sometime today. Also he mentioned
that the subscriber base has dipped below 1,000 subscribers. Perhaps you can mention his
website again tonight on your show and or Vox-Jox.   I hope you are doing well. Will be
listening to the show tonight. Thanks for having the show. I always walk away with a new
obscure song and some knowledge.”

Rollye:  “It was my pleasure to talk about Reel Radio on the air Friday night.  Given what’s on
this site, I’d expect the subscriber count to be multiples of the actual number. For access to
ReelRadio.com through the end of the year, it’s just $10.  Uncle Ricky has about 3500 air
checks on it, and no matter what decade or genre is your passion, it’s there, with enough audio
to keep you personally enthralled, well, probably until the end of the year.  And even if you
don’t have the time or inclination to check it out, think of it as supporting radio’s magic.  No
where else will you find audio proof of how compelling radio was to all of us.  May we find a
way to keep it alive forever.”

John Barger:  “Caught a mention of Lucky Pierre "Pete" Gonneau in this morning's column. 
He and I were with Buzz A. Long and Tom Bigby at WFEC in Harrisburg in 1963.  I would
really like to re-connect with him.”

Frank Boyle: “Think Bob Pittman came from Tupelo--was soon discovered by Charlie
Warner who made Bob PD at his Pittsburgh WWSW _Then Charlie and Bob went to
WMAQ-AM/ Chicago--where Bob converted the second 50KW 1 A -- Clear Channel to
Country--WBAP_A/ FT Worth was the first 50KW 1A Clear to go Country. Both were
Immediate smashes--As Sales Mgr for the Rep=-Eastman Radio--who repped both--we were
thrilled to be a part of history being made. They unknowingly took a page out of Ken Dowe's
recent tutorial on what to do differently with an AM.”

Rollye:  “Bob is a great example of Mississippi’s fertile ground for radio talent.  Not to take
anything away from all he’s accomplished, but he wasn’t the original architect of WMAQ. 
Yes, Charlie brought Bob in from Pittsburgh, but NBC transferred Lee Sherwood from
Monitor to the PD chair when the format decision was made. Bob was music director, and it
would be a year into the format before he took over from the late Lee Sherwood.  Mississippi
was also home to Bill Tanner and many more.

Roger Carroll:  “I wish Ken Dowe luck. IMHO any form of talk will not work.  With all the
devices we have streaming from stations all over the world what is MISSING?  That is my
question WHAT IS MISSING?”

Rollye: “I think I gotta side with Ken on this one.  It’s not necessarily about doing something
that hasn’t been done.  Success is often achieved with doing something that has been done,
even done to death, but doing it better.

“Long time ZZ Tom manager Bill Ham has passed on.  Jim Dearien sent this link to Ken
Dowe, and Ken replied:”...

Ken Dowe: “Bill was reared in Waxahachie with our friend John Borders. They went to
school together until Johnny left for Baylor on a basketball scholarship. Johnny and I were
close from the time he was my boss at KLIF in 1964 Dallas. Since then we had been regular
luncheon buddies and fellow commiserators on business and politics, during and after the
years we each owned radio stations. I knew all his Waxahachie family, and all the friend-ties,
and inter-connecting relationships.  Like Bill and John’s 79 year friendship. Their entire lives.  

“Last Christmas Dottie and I received our usual gift of a box of cracked pecans from Bill at
his “Lone Wolf” ranch near Austin. In early April, I sadly attended Johnny’s funeral in Dallas
after he died suddenly of pancreatic cancer.  Bill was there. I sent Bill an email yesterday, but
it had bounced back this morning. Chuck Dunaway emailed me the sad news. Now, it’s late
in June.  And, another too soon funeral.  As friend Claude Hall says, 'We come. We go.'

“Bill was such a wonderful fellow, and an unusually polite and respectful guy. I first met him
in the ‘60s.  He reminded me of that during the last lengthly conversation we had some 4 or 5
years ago when he telephoned out of the blue just to say: ".. every time I came to see you,
even when I was just getting started,...you treated me like a gentleman.. and like I was the
most important record producer in America. I just want you to know how much that meant to
all of us (then) nobodies at ZZ TOP, that you respected us and liked our music.   And, always
took the time to tell us that you did. You even had our songs played on KLIF/1190.” I
confessed to him that I didn’t remember any of that, but it was a mighty nice compliment.  I
hoped it was true.  Bill Ham certainly deserved and received the respect of all who knew him. 
To this, C.S. Lewis added:   ‘Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with
regret?  There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.’ Amen.”

Rollye:  “Ken and Jerry Vigil have had a recent email exchange about jingles— and how
many radio friends Ken has— including one, Gary Edens, which led to another great Ken
Dowe story! (Put it in the book, Ken.)”

Ken Dowe:  “I need to tell you the story of Gary, then with PAMS, visiting me in Knoxville in
1966 where I was employed by Scripps-Howard.  One night at our home after dinner Gary
told me about working his way through college selling Bibles, Gary said: ‘I can sell a Bible to

“‘Bet you can't sell me one, Gary.’

“He gets up, grabs a Bible, exits the house, and knocks on the door. For an hour Gary gives
the most confident and impassioned pleas you can imagine for the necessity of buying a Bible.
Equally intense, I offered my reasons for rejecting his sale.  It was a draw.

“Abruptly, an exhausted Gary stands up, marches to the front door, and over his shoulder says:
 ‘I don't think you want to buy this Bible tonight, Mr. Dowe!’

“Haha!!!  Radio used to be great fun, with terrific friends who were (are) unusually bright, and
amazing characters!”

Don Sundeen: “Hi guys, the great Chuck Dunaway sent this to me, and I think it’s a prime
example of an early Survey Cover.  Bill Young for awhile was doing 10:00 ‘till Noon, but
eventually his Program Director duties enabled him to step down. KILT AM is usually
considered one to the great American AM Rockers.”

Robby Vee:  “Excellent read! Thanks.”

Mel Phillips:  “We are thisclose to having a hotel room plan. Although a deal has been struck
with a hotel giving us a great rate (thank you Dan Bolton), until they have the price rate plan
in their system, reservations can not be made yet. I'm hoping that before July 4th that will
become a reality and you'll be able to reserve a room directly with the hotel. Until that
happens I'm withholding the name and location of the hotel. When everything is in place, I
will alert everyone. Thanks for your patience. Our party venue deal will be concluded
next. Today's treat for the eyes, photos of every Now 30 I could find.

“WRKO 50th Anniversary Reunion: When: Weekend of June 2, 2017  Where:  Boston metro: 
A Friday Night (June 2) Party for all WRKO employees past and present (The party venue is
close to being finalized). The hotel room plan is done. Reservations will soon be taken...  On
Air: WRKO-AM and Backbone Streaming (produced by George Capalbo Jr.) (Saturday Night
June 3, 2017, 7-11 pm)... The reunion is now less than a year away.”