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Scott St. James: This is your life!

May 22, 2017

by Rollye James
Claude Hall

Rollye:  “Recently, Kevin Gershan put the above biopic together on Scott St. James.  As is
not surprising, given Kevin's abilities and track record, it is stupendous. Kevin sent the link to
a few friends and  the reaction he's received has been universal...”

Erica Farber: “Bless You!  I just watched this bio of Scott and all I can say is bravo!  Thank
you for the great work and thank you for making this happen.  It is not only a wonderful tribute
to a great broadcaster but it is so important that wonderful people and stories and
memorialized.   Thanks again and all the best.”

Mike Horn: “What a great piece! Thanks for sharing. The St. James Express is the best !!!!”

Don Graham: “Kevin!… Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous Scott St. James video /
bio !! Your editing and production skills are truly extraordinary !!  Well done, my friend!”

Rollye:  “As you may be aware, Scott has been battling Alzheimer’s Disease for more than a
year.  He’s got that in common with a lot of notable personalities including, to name a just a
few whose conditions were publicly reported— Bobby Vee, Glen Campbell, Perry Como,
Peter Falk, Rita Hayworth, Charlton Heston and Ronald Reagan.  Thankfully Scott is high
functioning and still living on his own.  Following kidney stone removal, he’s been at the
Studio City Rehab Center.  If you’re local and live nearby, feel free to stop in and say hello. 
Otherwise, hold your emails and calls until he’s back home, which should be sooner rather than

Don Graham mailed me the latest Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters newsletter.  Photos and a
story on Laugh-In’s George Schlatter, a recent honoree, adorn the cover.  Nice to see so many
familiar faces in the ensuing pages from Randy Thomas to Shotgun Tom Kelly and even
Spider Harrison.  If you live in the Southland and have a decade of radio or television
experience under your belt, you qualify for membership in this long-running well-respected
group.  Check out their aptly named website— PPBWebsite.org.

“Don also sent along some great news in this letter:”

Don Graham (to Johnny Holliday):  “W-O-W !  Congratulations on your nomination for
induction to ‘the National Radio Hall of Fame!’  …of the nearly 1000 individuals reviewed,
twenty-four (24) were selected for nomination!    Results to be revealed on June 26, and we’re
pulling for you!”

Macey Lipman - Old Havana

Rollye:  “Don also suggested that Macey Lipman send an invite to Claude Hall and me for
his  gallery gala, which was yesterday.  Above is a reproduction of one of Macey’s wonderful

Claude Hall:   “Macey Lipman Art is holding an special Cuban exhibit 3-6:30 p.m. May 21
featuring seven recent paintings of the ‘real’ Havana.  Refreshments will be served.  Everyone
is invited.  The studio is located at 511 N. La Cienega Blvd, Suite 210.  Parking in back.  Enter
off Rosewood entrance.  Also in back, one flight up. www.maceylipmanart.com.

“Macey, we're running a bit late, but I typed this up and am sending it to Rollye at Vox Jox.
 My thanks to Don Graham for thinking about us.  Anytime we can help spread the word, get
it to us!  And I just wish I could drop by!.”

Rollye:  “Me too!   I bet it was a big crowd.   You can check out MaceyLipmanArt.com and get
an idea for how good he is.    Claude also passed along an update from Gary Allyn, who is
entering his 80th year in better shape than he has been in a while.  He turned the corner on the
health issues he’s been facing, with one more surgery to go in June.  I will be keeping Gary in
my prayers. Please join me on that.   Gary got a copy of Claude’s latest book, and had this to

Gary Allyn:  “Thanks so much for sending the “rush” copy of your collection of stories,
writings, poems, etc.  I especially enjoyed The Army, as it quickly took me back to my stint as
a two-year wonder in Uncle Sam’s finest. I could write a few chapters on that 48 month
excursion with futility. I was drafted while working at WPLO in Atlanta at age 24. I already
had seven years in radio at that point and was a reluctant draftee to say the least. I too, spent
“time” at Ft. Bliss, Ft. Sam Houston, Ft. Sill, and Ft. Knox. My Top Sergeant-Sgt. Norwood- as
it turned out, was Elvis Presley’s Top Sergeant as well. Whatta guy!  Again, thanks for sending
and tell Rollye I may be sending some Radio musings her way soon. I love the new Vox Jox
--keep on keeping on.”

Claude Hall:  “Glad to see Gary back in action.  Phenomenal radio man!  Gary, I spent 48
hours solid of hell at Ft. Still.”

Woody Roberts: “I just finished the Popsie tales.  Wonderful.  And I love Chuck Blore's cover
art, perfect.  Don't ever stop writing.  PS  It is now filed in my Main Library's specially
constructed Claude Hall Annex with your other published work and a couple of photos.”

Jim Labarbara (to Claude Hall):  “Thank you for the Popsie book---looking forward to
reading this.  The weekly Email is part of Monday morning routine---you must know the
impact you've had on so many of us in the business.  Thank you again for all you continue to
do & what you've given us over the years.”

Claude Hall:  “Just FYI.  Believe it or not, Jim once played chauffeur for me and Bill Randle
in Cincy ... driving us around while we shot the bull.  I have been forever grateful ... a greatest
personality in Cincinnati driving us!  Both Jim and I were disciples of the man.  You simply
cannot imagine was a great god Bill Randle was.  He was constant motion.  He was involved
in everything!  He deserved a book.  Wish I could have written it.  Jim, of course, has a
fascinating book out.  You do a wonderful column, Rollye.”

Rollye:  “Thanks for your kind words and encouragement, Claude, but I can’t say enough: this
is and will always be your column, Claude Hall, whether you’re up to writing a little or a lot,
or nothing at all.  —If you haven’t read “Popsie” yet, don’t forget Claude’s generous offer to
send a free .pdf copy to you by return email.  Just write to him here, and ask.

“A link to Jim Labarbara’s book is on the panel to your left.  Same for Johnny Holliday’s
and many others.  Now added to them is “Yappy Days” by Bernadette Duncan.”

Rollye:  “If you’re a talk radio fan, from Sally Jessy on TalkNet to Larry King on Mutual,
(and many others), Bernadette’s name will be familiar.  I had a lot of fun reading this well
written memoire and tell-some (though in good taste, not 'all').  These days, she’s married to
Michael Harrison, and it’s a good bet you’ve read his columns over the years in too many
places to mention (or heard him on the air, or listened to stations he programmed, or partook in
one of his seminars, or— the list is impressively endless).   They make a fine team.  Whether
you want to read Yappy Days in hardcover, softcover or Kindle, here’s a great price from
Amazon.  It deserves every one of the five stars readers unanimously gave it.  I loved it.

“I also heard from Don Whittemore with a collection of Burma-Shave signs.  His email
prompted me to grab a copy of  “The Verse By The Side of the Road,”  (by Frank Rowsome—
these days, you can get it for as little as $2 bucks + shipping from Amazon here).   

“Lots of entertainment on the pages of that book (like how Burma-Shave got out of fulfilling
its 1936 prize offer of a trip to Mars for anyone who sent in 900 empty jars) but if you just
want to cut to the chase to see every ‘jingle’ Burma-Shave ever posted by the highway from
1927 through 1963, there’s a compendium online here.  Check out 1933.  There are a couple tie
ins with WCCO.   But for the most part they ere straight forward ads for the product. It would
be years before they became more of a safe driving campaign.   

Ray Dennis:  “Five years ago, Peter McLane, the late Steve Gibbons and I started a local Des
Moines broadcaster's monthly luncheon and nearly 80, mostly retired, but some current
broadcasters have attended one or more times.  We run about 20 attendees more or less every
month. The name of the group is "Microphonies," coined by Peter McLane.  We share war
stories, some of which are even true.”

[From DesMoinesBroadcasting.com] “Microphonies meets the 1st Wednesday of every month
11:30AM at The Iowa Machine Shed restaurant in Urbandale.  This gathering consists of Des
Moines area broadcasters, active and retired from the business, including air personalities,
newspeople, engineers, sales people, management and behind the scenes personnel. We get
together every month to share stories and enjoy each other's company. If you are a current or
former broadcaster, or just interested in participating in the conversation with the group, please
join us.”

Rollye:  “I’m sure Big Ron O’Brien is there in spirit every month.   (There's a perma-link to
DesMoinesBroadcasting.com under Ray's name on ths sidebar to your left.)  

“And there's excellent news for Chattanooga radio history fans-- WFLI is coming back shortly.
We featured info about their last broadcast previously. Turns out it will only be a hiatus
according to David Carroll, former Jet-Fli jock and now television personality there. Here's
the update.

Joey Reynolds

Joey Reynolds (above):  “I am being re tooled for the millennial generation.”

Joey the Philosopher

Joey Reynolds (above): “Goodwill accompanied by a baseball bat”

Bloody Joey Reynolds
(looks more like marinara sauce but no doubt Joey bleeds radio)

Joey Reynolds: “Pink tie event for cancer research is Monday in New York.  I am donating a
pint of red blood for the survivors of the radio war.  Watch me on your plasma tv

“We had a great party at Cumulus Tuesday in NY, they dedicated the new performing space
where we do the triplecast every Sunday night live'

“We baptized the management team with Perrier water cause we couldn't afford the
champagne. It was exciting to mingle with legendary people who we don't recognize cause
they are on radio.  Last time I attended a party like this was on Cinco de Mayo in Miami at
WSHE in the 80's where we took a club and broke open a piñata—  all of the Arbitron diaries
fell out.  We renamed it cinco de ratings!

“I love the new space.   We are upstairs from Madison Square Garden.  Ironically, the Nelsons
performed on Tuesday where back in the day Ricky Nelson bombed and returned with his
great Garden Party song years later.

“The 12 steppers say we stopped aging when we started drinking and our new age is after
sobriety.  On that principle I am a born again teenager.

“A perfect name for a dog: Poopsie.”

Mel Phillips: “Although the deadline for dinner reservations has passed, I will try to honor
checks already sent. The final order for commemorative golf shirts are already at the
printer but dinner reservations  will be accepted within a reasonable amount of time to assure
the hotel has the correct number of dinners.  Dinner confirmations will be sent in individual
emails.  The rest will be returned.  The party is just two weeks away.

Friday, June 2, 2017

WRKO 50th Anniversary Dinner (w/cash bar from 6pm to 10pm). Dinner will be served
promptly at 7pm in the Charles Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza in Newton, following
introduction of guests seated at the head table. Dinner will be followed by dessert, coffee or
tea. Emcee Jordan Rich (photo upper left left) will then be introduced. Jordan (ex WRKO,
WBZ, etc.) will conduct his famous walk around with portable mic in hand. Art Vuolo (photo
upper right) will be taping the dinner for inclusion into the National Radio Hall Of Fame...
Saturday, June 3, 2017:

A 4-hour tribute (7pm - 11pm) to WRKO with 5 members of the original NOW CROWD
playing the hits from the Top 100 of 1967 using the original WRKO jingles. Live broadcast
will be aired on WRKO-AM (& Streaming) and Backbone Networks/Bay State College
(Streaming) produced by George Capalbo Jr. (upper left), Jeff Lawrence & Chuck Knapp
(upper right).

                             Al Gates                                                                 J.J. Jeffrey

                              Joel Cash                                                             Arnie Ginsburg 

…. & your host Mel Phillips:”